Welcome to the official web site for the
Regional Learning Communities Consortium.

The consortium was created in 1999 and was composed of twelve community colleges located in a four-county area of Northern California. The map on this site lists the names of the original members of the RLCC.

In 2000, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation agreed to fund generously a first year “startup,” supporting the design of learning community curricula, the training of new faculty in learning community pedagogy and assessment, and reinforcing of collaboration within the network. The first efforts were directed especially toward improving instruction and learning for underrepresented and underprepared students.

This web site is meant first to serve communication between members of the network and to provide a record of accomplishments and challenges. We hope it serves as well to extend our network beyond the consortium colleges to any college educators who might profit from information located on the web site and who might wish to communicate with consortium members. We invite your exploration and welcome your responses and suggestions.

Since the RLCC is no longer active, this is not a web site that will be updated regularly. However, since you have accessed the site, we assume you may have some interest in the national learning community movement so we want to provide you with contact information to the Washington Center for Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education where you can find information about institutions all over the country who currently have learning community programs. Many of the original programs in the RLCC are listed on their web site.

The Washington Center also hosts an annual National Summer Institute on Learning Communities for campus teams who desire assistance with their learning community program. The application forms are found on the website.